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When you create an account on our Construction Training and Apprenticeship Ontario hub, you will gain access to our learning center and resources, which are brought to you by SkillPlan. 

What are the benefits of starting a profile? 
Starting a profile gives you access to our interactive learning center and resources where you can: 

  • Build foundational skills with trade-specific practice problems 

  • Practice your math, science and reading skills to prepare you for practical use in the trades 

  • Watch training videos, get tutoring and more 

Coming soon: learn about opportunities and connect to unions 

How do I complete my profile? 

  1. Click to Create an Account

  2. Provide your first name, last name, email, level of trade experience and the trade you’re interested in. 

  3. Check your email for a welcome message from that includes your username and password to sign into your account. You should get this email within 24 hours or less, if you don’t see it check your spam or junk folder or email us directly at   

  4. Click on the link in your welcome email and start exploring and preparing for your career in the skilled trades. 


Anyone can create an account! The skilled trades industry is inclusive, rewarding and constantly growing.

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