Concrete Pump Operator

Certificate of Qualification 637C

“Each day brings a new challenge. I like working on a variety of jobsites and meeting new people every day.”

A Concrete Pump Operator inspects, prepares, operates, controls, and cleans various concrete pumps including those found in vehicles and their various related attachments/ components. Concrete pumps may be truck mounted, stationary, trailer-mounted as well as tower concrete placing booms.


  • Coordinate the placement of concrete through the pump at the work site

  • Operate the vehicle; load & unload concrete pumps and attachments

  • Perform pre-operational inspections, safety & operational checks, as well as preventative maintenance

  • Operate concrete pumps and related components

  • Resolve issues related to the movement of concrete

  • Maintain equipment; clean concrete pumps & components

  • Read & interprets government legislation, site plans & manufacturers’ manuals (i.e., survey indicators)

  • Communicate through various techniques, including hand signals

Key Skills & Attributes

  • Working outdoors

  • Precision

  • Strong eye-hand coordination

  • Excellent communication skills

Employment Sectors

  • Heavy Industrial Construction

  • Institutional and Commercial Construction

  • Engineering Construction

Apprenticeship Program

2000-2500 hours of on-the-job training, supplemented by 159 hours of in-class technical training (over the span of 20 days).

Entrance Requirements

  • Grade 12 Diploma preferred (Grade 10 minimum)

  • DZ Licence

Journeyperson Wage Rate

$54.10/Hr (Based on the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area wages, 2024)

Did you know?

Concrete pump trucks weigh about 80,000 lbs. and are often the biggest, most complex and most expensive piece of equipment on a jobsite.

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