Precast concrete finishers

Precast Concrete Finsiher

Certificate of Qualification 244L

“There is nothing like putting the finishing touches on cement. It’s like icing on the cake.”
Precast concrete finishers complete construction projects by using hand or power tools to level and refine the surfaces of poured concrete floors, sidewalks, curbs, and other structures. They may use special techniques to produce coloured surfaces or decorative finishes. Finishers may install metal fixtures into concrete slabs or repair and replace damaged concrete structures.


  • Levelling the top surface of freshly poured concrete on floors, walls, ceilings or sidewalks
  • Operating a power vibrator to compress concrete
  • Applying hardening and sealing compounds to cure the surface of concrete
  • Waterproofing, damp-proofing and restoring concrete surfaces
  • Installing anchor bolts, steel plates and other fixtures in freshly poured concrete

Key Skills & Attributes

  • Working indoors and outdoors
  • Working as a team
  • Fast paced environment
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to work for long periods of time bending or kneeling

Employment Sectors

  • Heavy Industrial Construction

  • Institutional and Commercial Construction

  • Engineering Construction

  • New home building and renovation

Apprenticeship Program

Combination of 4,500 hours of combined on-the-job and two in-class technical training.

Entrance Requirements

  • Grade 12 Diploma preferred (Grade 10 minimum)

Journeyperson Wage Rate

$39.47/Hr (2024 Provincial Average)

Did you know?

Concrete is naturally water resistant. The use of membranes and special concrete mixes can make it virtually waterproof, making concrete the ideal building material for underground structures like lower levels, basements, and parking structures.

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