Drywall Finisher & Plasterer

Certificate of Qualification 453A

“My job offers a lot of flexibility to work residential or commercial. I take pride in seeing a space become a room.”

Drywall finishers and plasterers surface, tape and finish drywall (gypsum). They apply, maintain & restore plaster and similar materials on interior and exterior walls, ceilings and building partitions to make them more decorative, soundproof and fire-rated.


  • Finish, maintain and restore plaster or similar materials on interior and exterior walls, ceilings and building partitions to produce plain or decorative surfaces

  • Applying, levelling and smoothing coats of plaster

  • Spraying coats of stucco over the exteriors of buildings to form weatherproof surfaces

  • Finishing corners and angles and creating decorative designs

  • Positioning and securing drywall sheets to metal or wooden studs

  • Cutting and installing metal corner beads to protect exterior corners

Key Skills & Attributes

  • Physical endurance, flexibility and strength

  • Estimate, calculate size and dimensions of objects

  • Attention to detail, problem-solving and job planning

Employment Sectors

  • Institutional and Commercial Construction

  • New Home Building and Renovation

  • Self employed

Apprenticeship Program

3000 hours of on-the-job training, supplemented by one 12-week block of in-class technical training.

Entrance Requirements

  • Grade 10 Math and English credits

  • High school transcript or high school diploma (equivalent GED)

Journeyperson Wage Rate

$42.21/Hr (2024 Provincial Average)

Did you know?

More than 20 billion square feet of drywall is manufactured in North America every single year!

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