Precast Concrete (Erector / Finisher)

Certificate of Qualification 244K (Erector), 244L (Finisher)
❝ Seeing the buildings in the city makes me proud of the work I do ❞
Precast Concrete (Erector / Finisher) guide hoisting engineers and crane operators in aligning concrete panels and slabs into place when constructing a new building. They are skilled at reading architectural drawings and diagrams, loading and unloading concrete pieces, aligning and bolting panels together, and applying grout between the cracks in the concrete to finish the walls.

Key Skills & Attributes


Comfortable working at heights

Capable of working in cold weather

Entrance Requirements

Grade 10 minimum

Journeyperson Wage Rate:


Apprenticeship Program

Approximately 3-4 years, 5,400 hours of technical and on-the-job training, and exam. Red seal trade certificate awarded after. As an apprentice, you can earn while you learn!


Loading and unloading prefabricated concrete panels

Securing panels to structures

Applying grout between concrete panels and footings

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Employment Sectors

  • Heavy Industrial Construction

  • Institutional and Commercial Construction

  • Engineering Construction

  • New home building and renovation

Image by Shivendu Shukla
Did you know?

Unionized precast concrete finishing/erecting has been a steady line of work for over 150 years!”